Three New Indonesian Music Videos You Should Watch Right Now

Music video serves as a visual representation for a song, telling a story beyond music and lyrics. In addition to last week’s video release from Vague, you should also check these clips:

1. Kaveh Kanes – “Tiger in Your Tank” 

Another jewel in Kolibri Rekords’ roster, Kaveh Kanes is back with their second single “Tiger in Your Tank”.  The song encapsulates the moment when you find yourself in a crossroad faced with a decision that will form your future self. This pastel-hued and picturesque video was directed by Asad Gibran & Smita Kirana and edited by Ratta Bill.

2. Marsh Kids – “Mawar Tujuh Rupa”

The superband known as Marsh Kids revealed this stop motion video of their B-side track “Mawar Tujuh Rupa”, that was released under Helat Tubruk x Nanaba Records last Cassette Store Day, last Sunday, 8 November 2015 at an intimate gathering at Jakarta’s Paviliun 28. Directed by Jodi Setiawan & Prisillia Melissa, it is a great interpretation of this beautiful pop tune.

3. Raincoat – “Housed”

Picking up the pace with Jakarta’s hardcore outfit Raincoat is their MV for “Housed”. Set at Beatspace Studios with Vague & Jirapah’s drummer, Januar Kristianto taking vocal duties this time. Shot by AMPM Studio & Ferdian R and edited at F Studio, this one is sure to give you an adrenaline rush

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