5 Lagu with Sajama Cut’s Marcel Thee


To celebrate the upcoming live showcase of their recent release Hobgoblin, we are excited to feature Sajama Cut’s frontman, Marcel Thee on our 5 Lagu series.

Sajama Cut 2015 - 8

Marcel has been a prominent figure in the Indonesian independent music scene for years. While he is perhaps best known for being Sajama Cut’s vocalist since the band was formed in 1999, his other musical endeavours such as Strange Mountain, Roman Catholic Skulls, The House of Faith and Mirrors, The Knife Club andThe Bronze Medal Records also keep him busy the rest of the time.  We found out the story behind the five meaningful songs in his life:

1. The song that first got you into music?

The first song that really “got” me was probably Faith No More’s “Epic”, which was a big hit in 1990 and was ubiquitous in Australia, where I lived then. I listened to a lot of music, in particular The Beatles’ “Love Songs” record before that, and a lot of 80s hit compilation from the west and Japan, but that was the song that got me into weirder music at age 9 and made me feel music was something more than mere entertainment. I started getting into metal and rock in general before Nirvana blasted onto the mainstream in 1991 – and then I went into the indie trip on which I guess I’m still on.

2. The song that inspires your songwriting?
If I dig deep, I would say that it was 80s hit such as Mayumi Itsuwa’s “Kokoro No Tomo” that really shaped my songwriting for better or worse. Your later childhood, from age 6-10, I consider an inherent part you can’t really escape in terms of melodic preference. Japanese pop of that era – which really borrowed a lot from the west – has a strong melancholy quality which rely heavily on constant minor-to-major movements which is obvious in my music, even the more “Experimental” ones.
3. The song that you can’t help but to always sing along to?

Off the top of my head, probably Sparks’ “When Do I get to Sing My Way”, which is one of their more immediate tracks. This was released in 1994, and I bought the CD “Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins” for my mother’s birthday then when we lived in the Netherlands – which I was not happy about as a teen but now see adds a nostalgic quality to songs released then. This is a dance song in some respect but humorously bitter and sad.

4. The last song / single that made you buy the artist’s full album?

I didn’t really buy this but traded the artist for it with some of my records. It’s Celer’s “Lightness and Irresponsibility” tape, which is beautiful and an artist every music fan should know about. That came out a while ago though.
5. Your favourite Indonesian song?

I like Koil’s “Waktu Yang Berhenti” which also comes from their best record by far. Great lyrics and honest too. I also like Sheila on 7’s third record too – that’s a pretty solid one.
Thanks, Marcel, for sharing your five songs with us!
Sajama Cut will perform an intimate live showcase of their new critically acclaimed record, Hobgoblin on  Thursday, 17 September 2015. This would be their first live performance in 2 years, and is not one to be missed. For more details, see their Facebook page.

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