Perhaps there’s no other rock band who dedicated a song to J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter, other than Feast. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, this stoner rock fivesome will take you into a realm of gloom, or dark tours as they call it.

We had a chat with Baskara (vocal and loops), Dicky Renanda (guitar), Adnan Satyanugraha (guitar), Fadli Fikriawan (bass), and Adrianus Aristo Haryo (drums) to find out more about the band.

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Can you tell us a brief history on how you became Feast?

A few years ago, we went through that phase that we’re pretty sure every teenage boys have experienced-we wanted to create a band, out of nowhere. Haha.

At first, we tried to play around with thrash metal and hard rock elements. We tried to play cover songs from bands such as Pantera, Black Stone Cherry, and Motorhead. We started experimenting with psychedlic rock and we asked Adnan to join our line up. Then, Feast was born. After awhile, Leeds Records, asked us to be a part of their gang.

What was the story behind making your song “Camkan” available on iTunes?

Naive as we were, we knew that at least our music did not lack quality. So, with everyone chipping in, we managed to accumulate the funds needed to record and publish our first single digitally, even though money’s still a big issue for us.

Deep down we knew that iTunes users who pay legally for their songs are little to nonexistent here in Indonesia–as long as these so-called illegal iTunes app resellers crawl around–but we thought that having our song up there in the cloud which then would be visible on Path as a good first step in our micro marketing. Turns out we were right: “Camkan” exploded in a short amount of time.

Tell us a bit more about your music?

When we first started, we considered ourselves as a stoner rock band. But the further we went, we gradually slip out of any specific category or genre.

As we gain new friends from different scenes, we started listening to a broader range of music.

But if you heard “Camkan”, it’s heavier than psychedelic is in general. Haha, but it’s quite normal, because all our members have different influences and backgrounds, not just limited to one genre. But in the end we’re sure that we are united beyond one flag, Rock.

Are there any exciting updates that you would like to share?

Our second single, Sectumsempra, has just been released on our soundcloud account. Go check it out! Its lyrics video and iTunes download are available too. As for our physical release, hopefully it’d be ready to be distributed mid-September.

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Who are your role models?

Baskara: Dave Grohl. I personally think, he’s the coolest public figure ever. He stays true to his roots and responsibilities as well. All in all, He balances his life.

Dicky: Dave Mustaine. A super multitalented guy, and such a life-inspiration for me.

Adnan: Nabi Muhammad, his influences are beyond our control.

Awan: Gito Rollies, The Rollies were surprisingly influential back then. Same like Baskara, I also like that they stay true to their roots.

Bodat: I admire my Dad a lot more than you think.

How do you guys develop the themes and concepts in your songwriting process?

Baskara usually writes the lyrics. Adnan synchronized heavy riff and lyrics, but in the end we’re all in this together. We developed concepts together, if we’re stuck in the middle of the process. Usually Dicky has a brilliant idea to add in. We also use mosquito language in the process of making the songs, we’re not joking.

How would you describe your live performance?

We’re pretty sure we’re just doing anything that is comfortable for ourselves. It’s not a gimmick though. Each of us has their own way when it comes on playing on stage.

We also found out each band member’s influences and the tunes that they would recommend for you to listen to. 

Baskara is heavily influenced by Wolfmother and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, He suggested you guys should listen to:

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly

Dicky is fascinated by AC/DC’s Angus Young, and other 70’s-90’s rock band, He wants you to listen to:

Hale Storm’s Into the Wild Life 

Adnan is convinced that he is the next Jimi Hendrix by the blood of blues, He’s currently listening to:

Max & The Moon – “Actor”

Awan is interested in hardcore, and metal scene. His  recentfavourite from the local scene is:

Kelompok Penerbang Roket’s  Teriakan Bocah

Bodat is inspired by Ian MacKaye’s Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Misfits, etc. But his all time favorite stays with the classic:

Foo Fighter’s All


Visit their soundcloud and have a listen to “Camkan” & “Sectumsempra”

Follow their twitter and instgram too:

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Interviewed by: Alida Rahmalia Awaluddin
Photos by: Feast & Rewinda Omar