Meet Gizpel, a fresh and magnetising electronic dream pop band who recently released a single called “Juvenile” under Kolibri Rekords. “A band with a weird drums sound” as they stated, the trio had previously featured on Nylon Indonesia magazine and on the most recent episode of Loka Suara “Buka” by Whiteboard Journal’s W Music.

We got to ask Dimas (guitar), Raka (beats, synth) and Fadil (vocal, bass) a few questions and got to know the story of Gizpel.


Tell us a brief history of your band!

Fadil: So Dimas and I have been in a band together since both of us were in elementary school together, and it turned out we were in the same high school again and that was when Raka came along.

Dimas: Actually our first name was, Leipzig, it’s a city in Germany. At first, It was only both of us, Fadil used to play over at my house, he is an old friend of mine, we jammed along and finally formed a band together. Our first performance, Fadil and I, we performed in our elementary school’s farewell.

Raka: I was very fond of 8-bit music back then. In 2011, I experimented a lot with several so-called chip-tune toys in Dimas’ house and that was when we started to reconcile our ideas together. In 2013, I told Daffa about my band and that was when Kolibri Rekords took our souls.

So, before forming Gizpel, was there a particular genre that your music revolved around?

Fadil: Actually not really, because from the very start we are quite confused on what genre our band is under, and in fact up until now our genre is actually kinda sketchy.

Dimas & Raka: Same thing with Fadil, as you can see back in the days we were just jamming along so we just let it flow to have an exciting results.

Let’s talk about your songwriting process. Do you usually develop concepts and complete the songs together? 

Fadil: So far, Dimas usually come up with several concepts and then we worked on it together. He write the lyrics too.

Dimas & Raka: We compose the songs individually and improve our concepts and ideas together.


Do you guys have other activities outside of the band and can you share any fun facts about Gizpel perhaps?

Fadil & Raka: We normally work and deal with college. Fadil has a stage fright when it comes to performing. So when you see him on stage, he will take off his glasses, in order not to see the audiences clearly. Our favorite band from Kolibri is Bedchamber!

Dimas: I work and I also have a solo project! Give it a listen:

What’s your next plan for Gizpel?

Fadil, Dimas, and Raka: Probably we’re just gonna keep experimenting with new stuff. It is quite a burden for us to keep up with work, college assignments, and our band as well. Especially Fadil, who’s the only one striving with college outside Jakarta, which is one of our challenges here but we will wait patiently until he comes back for good and of course to play on another show or gig.

Any exciting news?

Fadil, Dimas and Raka: Our EP artwork will be designed by our talented friend Dito Mohammad. We collaborated with Herald Reynaldo from L’alphalpha on one of the songs on the upcoming EP.

What’s your best concert so far?

Fadil: RREC Fest #2 at Rooftop Cikini

Dimas: Saosin and Snarky Puppy. Can’t decide.

Raka: Pesta Mikro 2009

Favorite Bands? 

Fadil: Nirvana!

Dimas: The Vines

Raka: Kraftwerk

When and where is your next gig going to be? 

Dimas & Raka: Just wait for our lead vocal to come back please?

Fadil: Since I’m still in Solo… So, to be announced soon!

Listen to “Juvenile” and their recently released second single “Loner Train” on their soundcloud:

Don’t forget to pre-order the upcoming Short Distance EP on the web too!

Kolibri Rekords

Kolibri Rekords

Interviewed by: Alida Rahmalia Awaluddin

Photo by: Azkaa Zaky Abdillah