5 Lagu with Australian Alumni of Note, Neonomora

For our next few editions of 5 Lagu, in anticipation of G’DAY MATE! A gathering for Australian alumni and friends, we will be featuring some Australian alumni of note, those who have achieved success since graduating by going their own way and doing something they love. This time, we are privileged to have the songstress with the powerful and soulful voice, Neonomora, who will also perform at G’DAY MATE!


Neonomora(/’niːɒn-nōmôrɑː/, born Ratih Suryahutamy, 16 May 1988) is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, artist and writer. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in different countries including United States, China and Australia. She is also an alumni from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. With the help of her brother Bam Mastro as the music producer and Adhe Arrio as the music engineer, Neonomora released her debut EP on November 25th 2013 and her debut Album named SEEDS on October 24th 2014. Her debut single You Want My Love peaked at number one on Mustang Top 20 by Jakarta-based radio station Mustang 88 FM, a month after the release. Neonomora’s sound has been described as a combination of various genres, including folk, rock, soul, RnB and electronic; instruments found in her songs include violins, harp, acoustic guitar, banjo, koto (Japanese string instrument), mandolin, glockenspiel, tabla and synthesizers.

Let’s find out some songs she’s picked out for us:

1. What song that first got you into music?
“Can’t be sure of what song, since I probably got hooked into music since I was very little, cos my Mom used to play Motown records in our family living room. But if you ask me what song motivated me to begin pursuing the career of being a musician was Mariah Carey – Can’t Take That Away. “
2. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
“It’s a Man’s World – James Brown”
Dreamlover – Mariah Carey”
3. What song reminds you of your time in Australia?
Perth – Bon Iver”
Paper Aeroplane – Angus & Julia Stone”
4. What’s your favourite recently released single/song?
What Kind of Man – Florence and The Machine”
5. What’s your favourite Indonesian song?
If that means the song should be written in Bahasa then it’s gotta be Nona Manis by the legendary group Tiga Dara, if not then I must say Downhill by Elephant Kind.
Thank you for sharing with us, Neonomora. Don’t forget to catch her performance and meet more Australian alumni of note, at our event, G’DAY MATE! A gathering for Australian alumni and friends.
Get your tickets here or visit our Facebook event page for updated information on the event!


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