5 Lagu with Jirapah’s and Vague’s Januar Kristianto

5 Lagu is back! Apologies for the hiatus as we were preoccupied by Mac DeMarco Live in Jakarta. We hope you made it to the show and saw the superb performance by Jirapah when they opened for Mac DeMarco. In this edition, we are lucky to have Januar Kristianto from Jirapah join us to share five songs that mean something to him. When he’s not living the tough daily grind of agency life coming up with words so irresistible that make you can’t help but by whatever he’s selling, he’s also a drummer for Jirapah and Vague. He also curates Whiteboard Journal’s Heart Attack.  Apparently he used to diss hiphop when he was younger now he’s obsessed with it.


So with a taste as diverse as his, from punk to hip-hop, let’s find out his five songs:

1. The song that first got you into music

Oww shit. Well I gotta say Britney Spears “Baby Hit me One More Time”, I remember buying the cd and then got stoked on music. Bubblegum pop is my first exposure to the colorful world of music, no shame. I kinda miss Skinhead Britney though, she been going thru a lot of shit in her life yet remains to be legendary, thats tight.

2. Go-to karaoke song
Man there’s a lot….but right now, it would be Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods”. That shit is a total banger, nuff said.
3. The song that you can play on repeat countless times but never get sick of
Definitely Black Tambourine’s “Throw Aggi Off the Bridge”. I could play it for more than 15 times a day (probably even more). Repetition creates power, and that’s what exactly portrayed in the beauty of their simplicity. Pure pop chaos, it makes me wanna punch a pretty face & then kiss it afterwards.

4. The last song/single that made you buy the full album

Taylor Swift made me do it (again & again & again). Blank Space is so catchy yet illustrating the musical maturity of Taylor Swift as a pop performer. So yeah, 1989 is fucking A. Her best record by far.

(Editor’s note: THIS! I couldn’t agree more)

5. Your favourite Indonesian song

Potret “Salah”. Back in the day when MG still had it.


Jirapah will release their first physical record on 7 inch and will perform at the release party on Wednesday 4 February 2015 at Level II at The Foundry along with Polka Wars and Animalism. Their record will be available to purchase at the event. Don’t miss it


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