5 Lagu with NusantaRun’s Christopher Tobing

In this edition of 5 Lagu, we found out five of the most meaningful songs for Christopher Tobing. Christopher Tobing leads a busy and fast-paced lifestyle as the Founder and Executive Coach at Top Leader and an avid runner, yet he manages to find the time to establish and organise NusantaRun with his fellow co-founders.

What is NusantaRun?

NusantaRun is a unique fundraising running event that focuses on visiting beautiful places in Indonesia, promoting healthy lifestyle through running and helping others in need. You can find out more by visiting their website here.

We asked him about the songs that keep him going, keep him smiling and help him relax amidst all his activities. See his picks below


1. The song that first got you into music

I was not a music fan at all until I was in secondary school, before that music was only ‘another thing’ for me without real power or meaning. Until one day, one of my buddies from secondary school got me a mix tape with his favourite Slank songs on it and he told me that I had to listen to them. That mix tape changed my way of seeing music, i fell in love with the band from then on and since then until now Slank is one of my favourite bands in the world.

2. The song that helps you wind down after a long day

This song is one of my favourite classic that is able to slows me down and put me in a dreamy mode. After working and exercising all day its always good to slow down a little yet still able to dream and imagine how great tomorrow will be. Judy Garland does it with Over the Rainbow”

3. The song that gets you motivated

I remember there were times when I was down, when I started the business and things were not going the way that I wanted. I almost gave up and wanted to stop what I was doing. This was one of the songs that woke me up to reality and got me to get up from my lazy ass and start getting myself into gear! Until this day, when I have something big coming up I put on this song and get psyched up!”

4. The last song you sang along to

“Yup, loving this song, it is in the top 25 most played song in my computer. I listen to this almost everyday and even when I conduct workshop with executives, this song will be played during some of the exercises that we do in the room.”

5. Your favourite Indonesian song

“I love many Indonesian song, from Jazz, Rock, Pop or even some traditional songs, but if I had to pick one, it has to Indonesia Pusaka. The lyrics and the tunes resonated with me in so many ways.”

He also shared with us some tips on creating a great playlist for your next run or training session

“Before training: Pick 2 or 3 ‘getting hyped’ song that you always play before exercise during warming up
During training (indoor only): Pick songs that have similar tempo so that you will stick with the same rhythm of exercise
Before the race: Listen to those ‘Before Training’ songs again to get you hyped up for a good race

This year, NusantaRun Chapter 2 will take place on 20 – 21 December 2014, starting in Bogor and finishing in Bandung, stretching to approximately 118 km. Donations can be made via IndoKasih.com and will go towards Yayasan Pemimpin Anak Bangsa (YPAB).

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