5 Lagu with Leap of Faith’s Narantara Sitepu


Introducing 5 Lagu, where we speak to people and find out five of the songs that make up the soundtrack of their lives. 

Our first “victim” is the co-founder of Jakarta’s men’s apparel label, Leap of Faith, Narantara Sitepu. The brand was founded in 2011 offering classy and comfortable everyday wear with an edge. Their “Earworm” division have produced high quality merchandise for bands such as Marsh Kids, Polka Wars and Amazing In Bed, as well as the last two STUDIORAMA sessions.


We spoke to him to find out the five songs that mean something to him:

1. The first song that got you into music 

Remembered playing The Lion King soundtrack over and over again when I was a kid. So it was probably the soundtracks to movies/cartoons that I liked. But the first time I actually saved up (my allowance), went to a record store (used to call them ‘toko kaset’ cause I would only buy cassettes since it was way cheaper than CDs back then) and actually bought something was because of Radiohead’s ‘Just’, particularly that awesome guitar solo.

2. The song that reminds you of your teenage years

Probably Weezer’s ‘Say it Ain’t So’ or ‘The Good Life’. Was a big fan of Weezer when I was a teen, and their Blue Album & Pinkerton were on high rotation in my Walkman. I also remembered the time when I first saw Netral’s ‘Wa Lah’ video on MTV and was instantly blown away by the sheer power and rawness of it. MTV, Majalah Hai and Prambors Rasisonia were main sources of information for me during those years.

3. The best song you’ve heard performed live

This one’s tough. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of my favorite bands live. But if I were to pick just one, it would probably be ‘Alma Matters’ when the Mozfather came to Jakarta in 2012. The crowd just made that moment even more special. Still get chills whenever I see the video on YouTube.

4. The song you’ve listened to the most

Don’t really know for sure. Sometimes I can listen to the same song over and over again for months, stop listening to it, and then miss it a couple of years after. Some songs evoke that sense of longing and are crafted in a way that I feel I will never outgrow it. I still listen to a lot of the songs i listened to when I was a teen, so it is probably one of those songs.”

5. Your favourite Indonesian song

Whenever people ask me this question, I always answer ‘Bengawan Solo’. Sore did a magnificent version of it for ‘Berbagi Suami’s OST a couple of years ago.

Support The Music

1. If you go to a free gig, at least buy a drink. 
2. Don’t ask for a free download to the artists you like, that’s just stupid. 
3. Don’t act like a critic, enjoy the gig. 
4. It’s okay to be a fan.

Hear, hear!

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