[INTERESTING READS] How Should Fans Behave at Concerts?

If you’ve attended a concert recently you might have had the annoying experience of someone taking endless selfies in front of your, someone trying to record the show with an iPad no less, people talking too loudly, obnoxious drunks, even some fans getting too excited and screaming along to every song off key.

shutterstock via TheAtlantic.com

shutterstock via TheAtlantic.com

These behaviours can be annoying and can even ruin the whole experience not just for the audience but for the artist as well. Beyoncé has called out a fan for recording her performance. More artists have started to impose a no-phone policy during their shows. In 2010, the Wall Street Journal asked “Is The Video Killing the Concert Vibe?

The Atlantic recently published an interesting take on this issue Me Against the Music: How Should Fans Behave in the Digital Age?. Author Elizabeth Flock notes how the prevalence of social media which allows fans to share the experience instantly during shows, and breaking the barrier between the artist and the fans. Flock further considers:

The digitization of music and free distribution of content has also changed the dynamic, in that artists now request more from their fans than they ever have before. It’s not just about asking people to buy their music and tickets to their shows. Musicians now need fans to watch their YouTube videos, pre-order their singles, and talk about their music online. But that chatter can also have negative ramifications for artists, who’ve found they can no longer come on late, play drunk, play sloppy, play too long, or play too short without seeing consequences

This brings up the interesting debate, during a concert what should fans expect from the artist and what should musicians expect from the audience? Should certain rules on etiquette be imposed?

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