Gig Tips: Promote Your Gig

So, you have a gig coming up. If you had a door split deal, the more tickets sold the more you’d earn. Otherwise, the bigger crowd you attract the more likely you would be booked for future shows.

So how would you promote your gig?

Social media 

The easiest and most cost-effective way is to use your social media. As soon as your gig is confirmed start posting! Use them all, facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc.

Inject a visual element. If there’s a teaser, poster or video promoting the event post them on your social media. If not, then perhaps have a go at designing them yourself or get a friend to help. If you’re really stuck then maybe get a designer at an affordable price on

Start promoting early and post regularly. Engage with your followers, ask them what songs they want you to play, post your new material and cross-promote other acts who are playing on the same event.

Know anyone with huge social media following? Ask them to help you promote your show (you can probably bribe them with free tickets / guest list access).

Approach the press

Research music publications covering shows in your area and contact them to notify them of your upcoming gig. Send them your press release or your press kit so they know what to look forward to.

Ask the booker if you could get them a media pass and ask some publications to review your gig.

List your gig

Go beyond creating an event on Facebook. List your event on other pages such as Songkick, Eventbrite or other local gig guides.

Approach local businesses

Do you know where your target audience hang out? Local bars, restaurants, cafes or record stores may be happy to let you post flyers or posters for your gig, or even play your songs on the days leading up to the show.

Other useful promotion tips:

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Anything else you can think of?


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