Gig Tips: Why Play Live?


Why play live?

There are more ways than ever to get your music noticed these days. You can upload your songs to SoundCloud or upload your videos to YouTube and create a following through your social media pages. But playing live gigs offers so much more opportunities that the digital realm has yet been able to replicate:

1. Develop yourselves as performers

Even once you have signed with a record label, with declining record sales, more emphasis have been put upon live performances through concert touring. Clocking in as much hours performing live as possible can help you grow as performers by improving your confidence, figuring out what works on stage, what’s well received by the audience and building a stage presence.

One gig is worth more than a few rehearsals. There’s nothing quite like having to perform all your songs back to back to a live audience to really improve your technique. When you perform as a support act, you would be forced to learn to hold the audience’s attention when they were not there to see you and just wanted you to get on with it so they can watch the headliner instead. You might have to deal with technical issues while you were on stage. Overcoming these challenges is how you grows as a performer.

2. Test your material

When you perform your songs live you could see how people react to them, which ones bore them and which ones excite them.

Some songs may sound great when you’re rehearsing, but if they’re not well received then maybe there’s still some work need to be done there.

3. Promote your music

The more you play the more likely you’ll get noticed.

Sometimes fans discover their new favourite band when they open for another band. A reporter might be there and review your performance, increasing your media coverage.

Make sure you have your records and your merch available for sale when you perform. When you’re just starting out and don’t have records/merch yet, you could have flyers or stickers with link to your website/bandcamp/soundcloud/youtube/social media on the merch table.

4. Make connections

You never know who might be at your show, a promoter, a booking agent, other musicians, or the press. Hang around and have a chat after the show.

When you open for a more well-known artist and they like what they saw, they might help you promote your music or even take you on tour or refer you to other musicians.

What do you think? Any other reasons you can think of?

Next, booking your gig…

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