[GO SEE] Tonstarssbandht Live in Jakarta


Kaama Kaama x STUDIORAMA x The Secret Agents present: Tonstartssbandht live at Jaya Pub, Jakarta on December 7, 2014.

Vocalist/guitarist Andy White—newly-appointed guitarist for Mac DeMarco—and drummer Edwin Mathis White explores a deep love for boogie, psychedelic rock from the 60’s and choral pop. They navigate their souls and psyches on stage, embracing the sense of urgency, pain and ecstasy in the human experience. Pitchfork once said about the Floridian brothers: “The best way to experience Tonstartssbandht isn’t by clicking around their various releases—it’s to hear what the two brothers create in a live setting.”

But then again, that certain daily Internet publication gave Tonstartssbandht’s newest album—titled ‘Overseas’, released by Arbutus Records which also represents Grimes, Braids and Majical Cloudz—a positive review; giving it the score of 8.0. A well-known independent media named Vice even claimed that Tonstartssbandht will change the life of their audience and/or listeners.

Tickets: IDR 85K

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